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2014 School Report Card

The Mission of our school is to enable students to develop strategies for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values needed to participate meaningfully in our pluralistic society.


Tax Credit Contributors 2015
Glenn Alderman
Paul & Amy Bonomolo
Andrew Broom
Jeffrey & Emma Burch
Ashton & Nicole Byrd
David & JoAnn Chrisler
Tom & Zana Cox
Dorothy & Bob Dias
Jacquelynn Fisher
Naomi Gades & Leo Llamas
Beth Garrow
Charles & Sally Gibbs
Scott & Cheryl Graham
Susan & Leroy Havellana
Melvin & Marcella Matusz
Sheryl Morgan
Len & Linda Olson
Devri Quintana
Lynda Rice
Libby & Shaun Settle
Jen & Grant Simonson
Daniel Simula
Jeremy & Donna Smith
William & Anne Wilson
Melissa Wong
Michael & Darcy Wisniewski
Chris & Ed Zukowski

FHCS Happenings

February 10th Classroom Group & 8th Grade Graduation Pictures
February 11th Art Show &
5th Annual Kids Basket Raffle
February 18th Kindergarten & Preschool Enrollment
8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 19th Kindergarten & Preschool Enrollment
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Ongoing One Call Now Parent Registration
One Call Now - Replace your manual call tree with our automated call tree service

In accordance with A.R.S. paragraph 38-431.02, the Fountain Hills Charter School Board meeting notices will be posted in the glass case near the front office at the Glenbrook Campus located at 16751 E Glenbrook Ave Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 and on our school website at