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2013 School Report Card

The Mission of our school is to enable students to develop strategies for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values needed to participate meaningfully in our pluralistic society.

Tax Credit Contributors 2013
Glenn Alderman
Heather Baldwin
John Baldwin
Michael Bashaw
Amy Beers
Clifford & Patte Beers
Wayne & Tammy Bell
John Brockelman
Emma & Jeffrey Burch
Michael & Jo Ann Byrd
Jery & Irene Cain
Carl & Linda Capron
Claire Cartmell
Barb & Hank Cipolaro
Nancy & Mark Culley
Darlene Dailey
Sally & David Dean
Leslie DeCampo
Robert & Dorothy Dias
Mary Lou Dresser
Gregory & Lorraine Dust
Matt & Kay Engler
Norm & Ethelyn Fey
Walter Franklin
Bud & Carol Fulus
Naomi Gades & Leonardo Llames
M & J Good
Gordon & Susan Griggs
Glenn & Virginia Hadlock
James Hall
Susan Havellana
Carol Hencz
Don & Barbara Henry
Larry & Suzanne Hetland
John & Kim Hogan
Robert & Gail Hubly
Ken Janowski
Shawn & Larissa Jones
John & Linda Kavanagh
Lisa Kern
Phyllis Kern
Jerome & Alyce Klein
Barb & Margy Krause
Lauren & Todd Kuta
James & Margaret LaVoie
Dawn & Brady Luke
Gary & Karyn Miller
Nancy Miller
Michael & Danette Mitchell
William Monahan
Dave & Mitchele Morgel
Billy & Ann Neal
Thomas & Gerry Nowak
Ron Nussbaum
Gary & Barbara Oakeson
Len & Linda Olsen
Harlan & Annette Olsen
Joel & Caroline Prelog
JJ & Gerry Prokupek
Jane Realdsen
Paul & Lynda Rogers
John & Jeanene Scholbach
Clinton Segraves
Frank September, Jr.
Jennifer & Grant Simonson
Daniel Simula
Donna & Jeremy Smith
Ken & Elaine Spinato
Michelle Stizza
Jason & Heather Struve
Lawrence & Jeannette Teets
Steven & Judith Tekesky
Jeff & Heather Wettschurack
Anne & William Wilson
Michael & Darcy Wisniewski
Todd & Jennifer Zuccone
Christine & Edward Zukowski         

FHCS Happenings

July 31 & August 1 Parent/Teacher Conferences
August 4 First Day of School/K-8/Early Release 12:30 p.m.
August 5 & 6 Early Release for Kindergarten ONLY 12:30 p.m.
August 14 Back to School Night from 6:00pm-8:00pm in the gym.
Ongoing 2014-2015 Enrollment Forms & Enrollment Timeline Information
Ongoing One Call Now Parent Registration
One Call Now - Replace your manual call tree with our automated call tree service

In accordance with A.R.S. paragraph 38-431.02, the Fountain Hills Charter School Board meeting notices will be posted in the glass case near the front office at the Glenbrook Campus located at 16751 E Glenbrook Ave Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 and on our school website at